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Entrepreneur at heart with a problem solving brain, jugaadu by actions and gregarious by nature. Voracious Reader, fitness fanatic, and fun to be with.

I understand Design, Business and Tech well, which helps me bring out a great product to life.

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Why did the chicken cross the road? To come to me and get a better experience 😎

B2B Product Management
Ace Press Release
Scaling B2B Product
Ace Press Release
Right SaaS Pricing
Ace Intro Video
Ace Product Launch
Giving Edge an Edge
Hyv Concept
Marrow Growth Strategy
Smallcase Strategy
Cropin Strategy
Farmer & Cropin Journey Mapping
Cropin Product Document
Cisco DNA Spaces & ProximityMX
Data Art
Snyft - Shops oN Your Finger Tips
Smartpie - Nasscom 10000 Startups
Ather Smart Scooter
Design is Power Instagram Handel
Wedding Invitation Chat Bot
Grab Scooter, Rapido, Bounce
Navport - Airport Navigation
Jai Jawan - Akshay Kumar


A man will fight harder for his interests than for his rights.


Operations management It excites me how this can change the face and pace of a business. Growth Hacking A rocket booster for any business, I love growth hacking. Value Investing Just started exploring this interest. 🆕 💰 🆕 Film Making I am just fascinated as to how a simple story movie can stay with our life forever. 🎥 🎞 🎬 Machine Learning I did my engineering project in this space and it has stayed with me since then. Rockets and Space exploration Have signed up for Chris Hadfield's Masterclass. 😎 🚀 Political science


Information Architecture Data Visualization Product Design Industrial Design Experience Design Service Design


Podcast Atleast 1.5hrs of podcast every day while exercising and commuting Read I read a lot. Online tutorials From art to tech, I have signed up for lot of courses and finish them as and when I can. Workshops Plan is to attend atleast 6 workshops a year. Research papers


The feat of surviving is directly related to the capacity of the survivor.

Chief Coordinator

Shortlisted in 2014

Yatri 2016

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